Schedule Pick-Up Information

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August 1st (Wednesday)

Seniors...........7:30 – 11:30
Juniors...........12:30 – 4:30

August 2nd (Thursday)
Sophomores.....7:30 – 11:30
Freshmen.........12:30 – 4:30

August 6th (Monday) Late Orientation/Schedule Pick-up
1:00 – 5:00 pm (all grade levels)

This year, families have the option of accessing the parent portal (Tyler360) to fill out the majority of the required paperwork for schedule pick-up.  Once logged in, an icon is on the main page that indicates online registration.  It is not absolutely necessary to use the online registration; however, it will speed up the schedule pick-up process.  

If a family does not have access to the parent portal, the necessary forms are included here.  Please print, fill out and bring them to the appropriate schedule pick-up day.